Angling Bumateurs A big grey wolf comes out of the forest

‘I doubt my life has any vast sea changes ahead,’ Tottie wrote in Book 4 of the Sell the Pig travel memoirs series. Biff the Useless Mention was intended to be the end of the extended trilogy.

But then, one day, a big grey wolf DID come out of the forest. Things were about to change dramatically for Tottie following a phone call. Her quiet and peaceful life in the Auvergne was going to be shaken up.

Will Tottie’s familiar ironic humour help her through the difficulties facing her? As with all her exploits, Tottie leads you by the hand with a frankness and candour that will make you laugh and move you to tears in this, definitely the last, of the Sell the Pig trilogy of five.

‘Mother, mother, it’s a bugger, sell the pig and buy me out.’

But not quite the end of the series …

Tottie has been quoted as saying: ‘There’s no point in writing memoirs unless they are completely candid. But baring all in a book feels like peeling off your own skin with a rusty penknife. In public.’

Nevertheless, when enthusiastic readers of the Sell the Pig series kept asking for more, she took to the keyboard once more to produce perhaps her most candid memoir so far. Trot On! reveals all about her life before the move to France. Her largely disastrous marriage and her time as a ‘Scarlet Woman’.