Trot On! ‘frank, funny, sometimes tragic’

The Sell the Pig Series - where it all began

‘Trot on!’ is a familiar phrase to riding instructors everywhere. Why not adjust your stirrups, shorten your reins and join Tottie Limejuice, author of the popular Sell the Pig series of travel memoirs, as she takes you on a ride through more of her adventures.

Even if you’re not horsey, Tottie’s tales of running a holiday riding centre on top of a Welsh mountain will have you alternately laughing and reaching for the tissues.

It’s all told in Tottie’s familiar no-holds-barred style. As reviewers have said, it’s like sitting down for a cup of tea and a natter with the author in person.

So why not put the kettle on and open the book?

NOTE: Although Trot On! was the most recent volume in the Sell the Pig series to be published, it fits chronologically before the others. It can therefore be read as a stand-alone or at any point in the series