Press Releases: An Idiot's Guide Free Publicity Through the Media

In between the humour, Tottie has been known to write something sensible. Her short but pertinent Press Releases: An Idiot’s Guide has helped several people find the way to free publicity for whatever their pet project is.

Press Releases: An Idiot’s Guide

Free Publicity Through the Media

A mini-guide to getting yourself noticed.

Why do some writers seem to have all the luck? Their faces and their books are always appearing all over the press, both local and national, and on television and radio.

So how do they do it, and why are you not getting the same exposure?

This simple mini-guide will show you how to target and prepare press releases for your local media. Whether you’re publishing a book, looking for sponsors for a charity fund-raising event, or trying to boost your small business, you’ll find simple, practical help to get you noticed.

Includes real examples of successful publicity generated by well-written press releases.

The perfect Idiot’s Guide!