Press Releases: An Idiot’s Guide – Free Publicity Through the Media

I like to try to help people if and when I can. An Indie author friend had not had much luck drumming up publicity for her book by contacting local papers.

Now it just so happens I used to be a journalist. What’s more, in my current job  as a freelance copywriter, I often write press releases, sometimes for market leaders in retail. So I whizzed off a quick general press release for said friend which she sent out.

Almost at once she was contacted by the local paper from her former home town (she’s now an expat, like me) who ran a nice big piece on her, with pictures. Within hours of that appearing, she was contacted by a press agency who are now trying to sell her story to the highest bidder. So it proves that the method works.

So I thought I would share the knowledge, and I’ve just published a mini guide on writing your own press releases. I’m charging just 77p for it in the UK, of which Amazon gets the lion’s share. But us Indie authors need all the pennies we can get.

If you’re interested, you can get a copy here.

No, you don’t have to be an idiot to read it. The title is intended to show how simple a guide it is. But it should give you all you need to write your own press releases and get results from them.

It’s written from an author’s angle but the great thing about it is it adapts easily to anything you are trying to publicise. So when you are trying to drum up interest in something, it’s the perfect guide to reach for. Best 77p you’ve ever spent?